TeleHealth is the use of secure information & communications technologies such as video conferencing and web portals to deliver healthcare. It puts patients and health professionals in touch, allowing live consultations, diagnosis and support without the need to travel.telehealthRemote Patient Monitoring shifts the focus of care delivery into the home, providing real-time access to dynamic content and enabling more regular engagement with healthcare teams and empowering patients to become an integral part of their own continuum of care.

With RPM, patients take traditional bio-metric measurements. Patients have a central system that feeds information from sensors and monitoring equipment, e.g. blood pressure monitors and blood glucose meters,  to an external monitoring center., answer relevant questions based on clinical protocols and condition, which then provides a holistic snapshot to their healthcare team in real-time. The healthcare team can then easily analyze the results and adjust treatment accordingly.

Examples of remote monitoring include:

  • Home-based nocturnal dialysis.
  • Cardiac and multi-parameter monitoring of remote ICUs
  • Disease management including COPD, Chronic Heart Failure, Diabetes, Coagulation, Arthritis, Depression Obesity.

Observations of daily living (ODLs) can be identified as an important source of patient-generated data for personal health records

The patient takes their vital signs and answers personalized, clinician-directed surveys. Results are automatically sent to a website via  internet,  a land line or cellular signal.

Infini Aims TeleHealth solutions help to support people with long-term conditions by enabling them to monitor their vital signs and symptoms daily in their own homes, with the reassurance that if their readings go beyond the limits set for them, a clinician will be informed. TeleHealth improves the patient’s understanding of their condition, which in turn increases their confidence and empowers them to manage their own health with the support of their health and care team.


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Infini Aims Vital Signs Monitoring Kit help them manage their health. Each day, the user takes their vital signs readings using the peripherals selected for them by their clinician and answers a series of questions about their symptoms. All of this information is then transmitted to the monitoring centre for technical and clinical triage. If a patient’s readings are outside of the limits set for them operators will follow the appropriate protocol, alerting a clinician if necessary.