IT Solutions

As solution providers, we analyse the client’s current setup, understand their requirement from the IT setup, try to address the current and future requirement issues and accordingly offer solutions. The areas where we provide these solutions are:

  • Hardware Solutions
  • Servers/ Desktops/ Laptops
  • Infrastructure Software
  • High availability and Load balancing solutions
  • Messaging and collaboration solutions
  • Database solutions
  • E- Security Solutions
  • Virus protection
  • Firewalls
  • Intrusion prevention
  • Spam prevention solution
  • Virtual Private Networks
  • Encryption
  • Email monitoring and control
  • Web surfing management
  • Storage & Backup Management olutions
  • NAS/SAN solutions
  • Automated backup
  • Disaster recovery
  • Network Solutions
  • Network Performance management
  • Wireless LAN
  • Network monitoring


IT Technical Support and Services

Infini Aims is customers single point of Contact for Supply and Services of IT Hardware, Consumables, Support and Services. We provide complete IT Solutions for your Home and Office helping you or your small business to keep your IT Hardware in perfect working condition. Our services include computer repair, PC upgrade, data recovery/backup, printers or any peripherals troubleshooting, software installation, computer setup, periodic maintenance and supply of computer hardware & consumables.

Computer, Laptop, Printer, Scanner Repairs and Up gradation

Infini Aims offer repair and up gradation services for PC, Laptop, Printers, Scanners and other peripherals. We offer services to replace/upgrade Memory, Screen, DVD, motherboard, keyboard and printer parts. Our onsite services are available.

Virus, Spyware, and Malware Removal

Does something not feel right about your computer? Has it slowed down, heated up, or even crashed? Are you getting pop-ups from software you haven’t seen before or don’t remember installing? Does it takes too much time to start up? It could be spyware or even worst a virus. Maybe your computer is being compromised and your valuable data including Online Banking Data is being stolen.

We can find, detect and get rid of these threats. We can even install FREE Antivirus Software with live updates to prevent spyware, Trojans, malware or viruses.

Rid Yourself of Bugs and Glitches Today! Configure Wireless Networks, Computers, Tablets, Printers

Need to share files between home computers? Want to access wireless printers, stream video clips, or even play games online? Then you require a home network. Our Geeks can even help you turn your computer into a home entertainment system, streaming online HDTV content and providing you with the necessary hardware to watch TV online. Imagine viewing all your favorite DVDs, video, TV shows, and pictures from one entertainment device!

Infini Aims can help you build your network with high-speed Ethernet cables or go wireless. We offer both options, providing a tailor-made network solution that makes the best use of your home devices’ capabilities. If you’re looking for assistance in setting up or choosing a wireless modem or router, or need to know which of your computers and devices are WiFi capable and which need further upgrades or installations, our Team can also walk you through the process and have your wireless network up and secure without the extra muss or fuss of leaving home.

Data Recovery & Transfer Services

Have you lost progress to a computer crash one time too many? Need access old files from a new machine? Are you looking to protect your data from future threats or viruses? BuzzAGeek is hear to help! We offer:

Recovery of lost or damaged data files.
Precautionary data back-up assistance.
Small or large-scale data transfer between computers.
Data storage, including external drive and cloud storage.
Call us to Secure your precious Data !

When your laptop or PC dies, it is still possible to access its hard drive and rescue the data on it. Our Geeks can help you recover lost pictures, documents, and other data so that you won’t lose your important files for good. We can also provide transfer services for moving important data from one computer to another. Transferring files between computers takes lots of time and storage space, so why not skip the hassle and let us do it for you? Whether you’re looking to move an old hard drive’s entire contents to your new computer or simply looking to transfer a few photo albums, Infini Aims help you do it quickly and with minimum risk to your data.

For protection against lost or damaged content files, having a way to regularly back-up your computer’s information is a priority. We at Infini Aims know how important it is to protect your work and data; that’s why our Geeks are fully trained in setting up data storage protocols for all types of computers. From network storage to cloud storage, your files will be safe from broken parts, glitchy software and viruses

Website for your Home and Office

Are you looking for a low cost website for your small business?
You are a Hobbyist, a Professional or running a Business, Infini Aims offers WordPress can design a Website suiting your requirements. It’s very important to provide a professional and visual impact in order to attract and secure your customers. We offer elegant, modern, professional and tailored made websites as per your specifications.

We specialize in:

Websites that can collect information from your clients
Websites that can be updated by you as you need at no extra cost
Providing a look and feel that appeals to your target market
Integration with your current software where required, or new back-end software that will meet your business needs
Call us for a meeting to discuss your website requirement .

Flexible IT Support Plans for Businesses

Many Small and Medium Business organizations face challenge of limited financial resources. It becomes difficult to allocate sizeable budget to acquire critical IT Services and Support required for smooth and uninterrupted operations.

We focus on keeping your productivity up by taking away your technical worries and provide you with IT Support that allows you to focus on your business.

Infini Aims flexible IT Support Plans for the SMB Sector. We can configure a Support and Service Plan tuned to your specific requirements. We offer both online and onsite services.

Supply of Hardware, Software and other IT equipment such as Seervers, laptops or network devices. Our team will ensure you get the best value for your investment. Post-purchase, our expert technicians will make sure technology is installed quickly and configured correctly for maximum reliably
Backup and Disaster Recovery Services
Installation, Repair, Trouble shooting of faulty Hardware and Networks.
Online and Onsite Technical Support

Informal Free One to One Training

Do you suspect that your colleagues and friends get more out of their computer than you do?

We will show you how to make the most of your internet usage, Windows and Microsoft programs, how to perform basic maintenance on your computer to prevent common problems, and we will teach you using language and ideas that are familiar to you. Our computer training is designed to be friendly and to answer your specific questions, whether you need to learn how to:

Keep up to date with your children or grandchildren on Facebook?
Download your favourite TV shows when you miss them?
Find recipes online and save them in a Recipe Folder?
Sort your photo collection into albums?
Use a spreadsheet for a simple home budget?
Back up your data online?
Understand words like spyware, shareware, defrag and trojan?
Set up an iTunes or Skype account?
Change the colours, screensavers and desktop pictures?
Send automatic replies to some emails?
… or have any other questions for us!
Just let us know what you most want to learn and we’ll tailor the session especially to your needs. Our computer training sessions will leave you feeling confident, empowered, and self sufficient.

Contact us and we’ll prepare an informal, personalized computer lessons geared to your requirements.

Periodic Maintenance Services

Infini Aims Periodic Maintenance Services for your Home and Office IT equipment. Our team will get your IT equipment examined on a periodic basis to avoid a breakdown when you really need it working properly.

Computers, Printers and other IT Equipment can experience wear and tear. These will run more slowly and break more quickly than those that are regularly cleaned, tuned, and checked by a professional computer technician.

Preventative maintenance from our Geeks will clear your computer of dirt and grime, fix Printers, Scanners, Networking equipment before those things can lead to broken parts and crashes. Save yourself money and hassle in the future by letting us help prevent future computer problems today.

Give us a call!