TeleCare for Dementia


Dementia progresses at a slow rate with symptoms developing over a number of years. About half of people with moderate to severe dementia live in the community either in their own homes, or in the home of their carer. The other half live in residential facilities. Each case of dementia can be unique to the individual.

In 2011, 747,000 Canadians were living with cognitive impairment, including Dementia – that’s 14.9 per cent of Canadians 65 and older. By 2031, this figure is expected to touch 1.4 million. Today, the combined direct (medical) and indirect (lost earnings) costs of dementia total $33 billion per year. If nothing changes, this number will climb to $293 billion a year by 2040.


Infini Aims TeleCare Solutions for Dementia can help people with Dementia experience greater autonomy, empowerment and enjoy a better quality of life. It can help individuals to remember daily tasks, maintain greater levels of safety and feel more secure. Unobtrusive sensors are placed around the home, which automatically raise an alert if they detect a possible problem such as smoke, gas, flood, fire, a fall or exit from a property at night. The sensors are wireless and can therefore be easily installed and packages altered to provide truly tailored care. They also operate on a dedicated radio frequency which guarantees their integrity. Sensors raise a local, audible alarm, as well as alerting a carer, key holder or the monitoring centre, whichever is appropriate.

TeleCare Sensors for Dementia:


Messiah (PERS Personal Emergency Response System)


Property Exit Sensor

Bed Occupancy Sensor

Bed Occupancy Sensor

Flood Detector

Flood Detector


Enuresis Sensor


Medication Dispenser

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