Enuresis Sensor

The Portable Enuresis Support System comprises of a small detector unit which fits snugly onto the waist band of incontinence pads or underwear. The unit is then connected by two thin wires to a sensing sheet in the pads which when wet sends an alarm. The alarm is transmitted immediately to the carer’s pager.
The unit has an integral call button which can be used to call for assistance if pressed.

Product Description

Placed between the mattress and sheet, the enuresis sensor provides immediate warning on detection of moisture, allowing effective action to be taken. The sensor eliminates the need for carers to make physical checks, promoting dignity and independence. The Enuresis Sensor is a thin, durable, waterproof mat that is placed under the sheet and detects any moisture that comes in contact, allowing an onsite carer to be discretely alerted of any incidents. This solution provides dignity to the user, eliminating the need for them to be checked or disturbed while sleeping.