Gem Panic Button

GEM Panic Button

The Gem Personal Triggers is personal emergency call button that allows the user to make an emergency phone call when the phone is out of reach. The trigger can be used up to 50 m from the alert unit. The Gem trigger can be used by people with limited dexterity. The trigger is supplied with a neck cord.

Product Description

The Gem portable radio trigger (pendant) is used to activate an alarm call for assistance. When pressed, the radio trigger activates the personal medical alarm to dial care giver telephone number. The Gem radio trigger works up to 50 m-100 m  from the base alarm and is water resistant, allowing it to be worn while bathing.

The radio trigger can be worn around the neck, wrist or attached to clothing. For people with limited hand and finger movement, an easy press adapter or may be attached to the Gem radio trigger to aid alarm activation.