Medication Dispenser

Medication Dispensers can be used to automatically provide access to medication over a 28 day period, providing audible and visual alerts to the user each time medication should be taken. If the user fails to access the medication, an alert is raised to the monitoring centre or carer so that action can be taken to ensure that the medication programme is maintained.

Product Description

The Tunstall medication dispenser is a new, easy to use tablet dispenser. It makes managing medication simple and reduces the risk of errors. Once it is set up with doses and times it allows the user to take their medication within a set time frame and it can also act as a reminder if needed. If the user does not access their medication within the time frame then an alert is raised via a Tunstall Lifeline home unit or other Tunstall telecare enabled systems. It consists of a battery powered dispenser containing a 28 dose carousel and Tunstall radio transmitter. It can manage from one to four daily doses.

When the dispenser button is pushed it will either show the time for the next dose of tablets or allow the user access to the correct tablets. Only one dose can be released at a time.
If the dose has not been taken then the dispenser reminds the user that a dose is due. An alert will be generated if the medication is not accessed within the following hour, so
allowing the appropriate action to be taken. The device is portable and can be taken out of the dwelling by the resident, in which case only audible reminder alerts will be generated.