Pull Chord

The Radio Pull Cord can be strategically placed around the home, in order to provide a user with a convenient means of summoning help in an emergency.

Product Description

Easy to install, a radio pull cord will raise an alarm call at the monitoring centre via a Life line home unit or other Tunstall
telecare enabled systems. Due to the use of wireless technology the mis minimal disruption during the installation process and it can be easily relocated should the need arise.
How does it work?
When activated by asingle pull, the pull cord transmits an alarm signal using the European so dal alarm radio frequency.Calls activated by a pull cord can be relayed to a monitoring centre through Tunstall telecare enabled systems providing 24 hour response.
Why is it needed?
A pull cord is an essential requirement for the times when a personal trigger may not be worn, such as in the bedroom, giving the user an extra means of raising an alarm.