Property Exit Sensor

Tunstall’s property exit sensor monitors if a resident living with dementia leaves their home at unusual times of day or night. If the resident leaves the home and does not return within the pre-set time, an alert will be activated. Additionally, if the monitored door is left open, even if the resident has returned home, the response centre, onsite carer or manager will be notified. The property exit sensor can also be linked to external lighting to provide greater protection.

Product Description

The virtual Property Exit Sensor combines a simple Fast PIR with a door usage sensor (universal sensor) to create the complete solution.The wireless sensor generates an alarm if a client leaves their home (during the monitoring period) and does not return within a safe time period. A code can be entered into a telephone connected to the Lifeline unit  to allow a carer to leave the property without causing an alarm to be raised.This quick code disables the Virtual PES for the number of minutes to give enough time for the carer to leave the property.The Lifeline home unit supports a single Virtual PES which can be used to monitor multiple doors. The sensor also provides the ability to remotely change time settings when the client’s needs change helping to reduce service costs.